AOD Transmission

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What is a Ford AOD Transmission?

The Ford AOD Transmission was introduced in 1980 and is a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. When it was introduced, it was Ford’s first-four speed AOD. The gear set is based on Ford’s older transmissions, but with some improvements.

In 1992 it was redesigned to include electronic controls. The concept of overdrive seems excellent, but in reality, it merely means the transmission output shaft speed is faster than the input rotation speed. The torque is multiplied in a positive way, creating a quieter and smoother driving experience. This enhances fuel mileage, and you have less highway noise.

The AOD transmission and the AOD-E version is one of the most popular transmission exchanges. They are used initially in the early 80’s and ’90s Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles. It is easy to exchange and gives added gas mileage.

You can identify the AOD transmission by its 14 bolt pan. You can also look at the driver’s door tag, and Ford lists their transmission codes on the bottom of the label. You can also take your car into a transmission shop and have them find out for you. Because this transmission is so popular, parts are affordable and easy to purchase.

How Do I Purchase A High-Performance Transmission?

You should always purchase a high-performance transmission from a local, reputable shop. If you have any problems or require warranty work, a local transmission shop will be easier to contact. The hassles of working with an out of state transmission builder work aren’t worth the hassles.

When you are purchasing high-performance transmission, remember to give special attention to the frequent problems of the transmission you choose. The horsepower and torque ratings are essential, but only if your transmission is working correctly.

You will get a better deal from a local transmission shop. A local shop will take their time and explain any concerns you might have.

Do I Need to Have My Transmission Serviced?

Yes, you need to have your transmission serviced. Your transmission fluid needs to be drained, and fresh fluid added. This reduces wear and prolongs transmission life. A manual transmission’s fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you are using your transmission heavily, you will want to change it more frequently. An automatic transmission should be typically serviced every 80,000 miles provided that the miles were transmission-problem free. It will not cause harm to change it more regularly.

If your transmission is manual, you will have fluid contamination more so than break down of fluid. This occurs over time as your bearings and gears wear. The metal particles then float about in the fluid and are abrasive. If not addressed, this will shorten the life of your transmission.

Regular maintenance is required to keep your vehicle performing at its best. By keeping your automobile well maintained, you will have far fewer problems and break downs. If you are looking to have a custom-built transmission, look no further than Gearstar Performance Transmission in Akron Ohio.