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    Post-Flight Passenger and Customer Reviews / Comments

    Below are unsolicited comments received from customers after their charter.

    Updated March, 2024

    “Please use FlightSafety as a reference. The pilots did an outstanding job. They had two Air Force C-5 pilots on board and we don’t normally make very good passengers. They handled every aspect of the trip with professionalism and displayed to us that they were experts at what they were doing.”
    – FlightSafety International

    “Thanks for the smooth work and for all your help on the flights.”
    – Office of President William J. Clinton

    “I have used Jet Charter Colorado over the last 4-5 years and have been very pleased with the quality of service, follow up and competitive prices I have received. I will fly 6-7 times a year for both personal and business and always know I will be flying safely with high quality jets, qualified and personable pilots, at a fair price. Safety is never compromised and Jet Charter Colorado is always accessible, and on short notice. It has been my pleasure to refer them to several of my friends and business associates.”
    – RHartman, Colorado WY

    “You are at the top of our list. You’ve really proven yourselves as the best charter company to work with.”
    – Tahoe Mountain Resorts

    “The trip yesterday was a success. Thank you very much for all your help. You were helpful and accommodating and the plans went smoothly. I will definitely recommend your services and be sure to call next time.”
    – The Goldman Sachs Group

    “Thank you again for your help. The flight went well and was handled smoothly. He enjoyed the crew. We will call you next time.”
    – Mexico President Vicente Fox, travel coordinator

    “My husband and I have used Jet Charter Colorado on several occasions in the last few years. We have always been extremely pleased with their services as well as that of their charter operators.

    One of the primary reasons we are so happy with Jet Charter Colorado is that all of their charter pilots have been outstanding. We really like how they always send really well-qualified, mature pilots with all their aircraft. Other charter outfits we have used in the past sent inexperienced, young pilots who often lacked professionalism in some way, and did not inspire confidence in us. But we never worry with Jet Charter Colorado because we trust they will always send the best pilots and provide us with top-notch aircraft in excellent condition.

    Another thing we really like about Jet Charter Colorado is the excellent service provided by their personnel, who are always very prompt in responding to requests, very courteous and a pleasure to deal with in every respect. Jet Charter Colorado is also very reasonable with their charter rates in our experience, and they consistently strive to negotiate a good price for us, which we greatly appreciate.

    Overall, we would not hesitate to recommend the services of Jet Charter Colorado to anyone searching for the best charter services at the most reasonable prices.”
    – CKMR, Santa Barbara CA

    “You all were very helpful on the flight to Jackson, and John had a wonderful experience! Thank you for being so amenable and pulling the flight together on such short notice!”
    – Cambridge Investments, Colorado WY

    “Thank you. That was amazing. I like your style. I never give up and you made it happen. What is the price like to go from Jackson to Newark? Also Delta has just started flying direct to SLC. What is the price from SLC to Jackson?”
    – Colorado private client

    “Thank you very much for all your help. Once again your quotes were the most reasonable and the service was excellent as always.”
    – Lexington Financial Management

    “The catering was perfect, and all flights for her itinerary went without an issue. You have been terrific, thank you so much.”
    – Assistant to Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

    “As new customers in the private aviation industry we were overwhelmed trying to evaluate all of the options available. When a friend recommended newflightcharters.com, we were very impressed with the professional and helpful information we received. They have made planning our trips a breeze. Their thorough knowledge of all available equipment resulted in an efficient flight with the best pricing we have seen. The aircraft was waiting for us when we arrived at the airport, and the friendly and professional crew was helpful with our luggage and making us comfortable for our flight. The aircraft was clean and well-appointed with a comfortable cabin. The service overall was superb. We arrived at our destination refreshed and on time. New Flight charters will be meeting our travel requirements in the future. We highly recommend them.”
    – Ken Stowe, Idyllwild CA

    “Thank you so much for your amazing service, and working weekends and nights to accommodate this shoot. Chad was very happy and the actors were pleased with everything. You have gone above and beyond in being in constant contact with us and keeping us so well informed. Yes we will be in touch and will let you know when it airs.”
    – S.Oaks, Reality Show Producer

    “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Excellent customer service. You are in my contact list. Most definitely could not ask for better service.”
    – Starwood Vacation Ownership

    “We really appreciate the care that you and your team put into ensuring an enjoyable travel experience to and from Colorado.”
    – Valhalla Motion Pictures

    “Thank you, everything went well. We would like to reserve a plane each Monday for the next two months.”
    – McKinsey & Company

    “Thank you again for all your help…again New Flight saves the day!”
    – Red Wing Aeroplane Company, FAA jet operator

    “Our Flight from EGE to DAL this past Friday was great. Thanks very much for your help and your clear pursuit of the best deal on our behalf.”
    – C.Floyd

    “Thanks for all your help this weekend. The flights were great!”
    – Name Comedian/Actress

    “I just wanted you to know everything went smoothly and we were happy with the service, transport etc. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with you again!”
    – Trinity Capital, LLC

    “Thanks very much. The return home went nicely. Of course you will remain my first call when we need to travel privately.”
    – Trenton NJ Private Client

    “Thanks for a great trip. Nice jet, great flight team and catering. My team was very impressed. We will call you next time. Thanks.”
    – Rural Cellular Corporation

    “The pilots were outstanding, and we were very impressed with them in every way. They were prompt, courteous, very professional and helpful. We would love to fly with them again. All of your charter pilots have been great actually. The aircraft was an absolute delight.”
    – CKMR, Los Angeles CA

    “The flight went great. Everyone had a good time. The captain did a very professional job. I will be in touch for future charters.”
    – Colorado WY Private Client

    “We’re all done. Everything went smoothly. Thanks.”
    – New York Private Client

    “Thank you so much. Had a great time. Flight crew was great and would like to fly with them again.”
    – Crawford Products

    “Thanks for the quick work. That worked well! I will be in Europe for 6 weeks for work but will get with you for more charters when I return.
    – Wilmer Hale

    “Everything went well yesterday despite the unpredictable weather. I look forward to working with you again.”
    – KPS Capital Partners, LP

    “Thank you for your quick response, and the flight went perfectly.”
    – Wilmer Hale

    “Our CEO wanted me to let you know that he appreciates you providing solutions for our frequent last minute requests, thanks!”
    – Read Homes, Inc.

    “Hey Rick. Just arrived, great trip.”
    – Douglas E., New York NY

    “Thanks for ALL your help and your extremely fast service. I really enjoy doing business with you.”
    – DLD Insurance, Inc.

    “Thank you for your quick response. I’ve called about 10 places and you’ve been the best thus far. I called your number last, and you responded first. I really appreciate that!”
    – Landmark Aviation

    “The trip on the Lear 31 was just fine. The plane was great the pilots very nice and a smooth flight.”
    – Colorado WY Private Client

    “Please know that we thoroughly enjoyed the upgrade, and very much appreciate it. Furthermore, the crews going both ways – down and back – were nice, courteous and enthusiastic. That kind of service is even more important than the size of the plane!
    – New York NY Private Client

    “We’ve been touting you to others in the biz. You’re a stand-up group, and it’s nice to work with you.”
    – Charter Broker Company

    “Both planes were in great shape and had fantastic crews. Just wanted to say thanks very much for helping us so much with the perfect charters from Trenton and returning from LAX. And we really enjoyed having Cabin Attendant Tara on our plane. She was poised, thoughtful and really nice.”
    – Private Client, Trenton NJ

    “Wow what a trip! Outstanding service! The plane and crew were great, and they flew quite a few miles out of the way to avoid a thunderstorm so we wouldn’t have a bumpy ride. I don’t see how they could have done anything better.”
    – Idyllewild CA Private Client

    “We do plan to book future charters with you guys. Thanks for everything.”
    – New Orleans LA Private Client

    “Everything worked out great last Friday. Thank you for your help and attention to detail!!”
    – St. Vincent College

    “Absolutely fabulous. Service was great. Another satisfied customer.”
    – Beverly Hills CA Private Client

    “The flight was an absolute delight! The pilots were very cordial and nice to us! The food was fabulous and we were very pleased. Thanks for your assistance and I lood forward to receiving the final invoice for prompt payment!”
    – Scottsdale AZ Private Client

    “Everything went great. He is very happy and his assistant said he can’t imagine Jon flying any other charter than New Flight in the future.”
    – L. Witzer

    “Many, many thanks for your assistance. The flight was perfect and the catering was awesome.”
    – Phoenix AZ Private Client

    “Everything was great!”
    – Malibu CA Private Client

    “She was SO impressed with the plane and the service. We will be calling on you again.”
    – Film & television celebrity’s assistant

    “Just to let you know, I heard from our client and the flight and service was excellent. They were very pleased with everything.”
    – Lexington Financial Management LLC

    “Thanks! I really appreciate your quick service. It’s great to have someone we can count on in a pinch.”
    – 2006 Gubernatorial Campaign

    “Thanks so much! As usual you’ve helped out in a pinch. I really appreciate it.”
    – San Francisco CA Private Client

    “The flight was great. Thanks again. We will need a plane again tomorrow…”
    – Houston TX Private Client

    “We enjoyed the crew and the plane very much. I appreciate all your help and will call you next time.”
    – United Growth

    “You are tremendous. Thank you very much and I hope to do business with you many times over.”
    – SCA Consumer Products

    “Thanks very much for that. We chose your company because your approach was very professional.”
    – Allco Development

    “The trip to Chicago went just fine. The pilots were good, the plane was great and everything was smooth. Thanks for your help on such short notice. I have a couple of future trips I want to run by you…”
    – Colorado WY Private Client

    “Thanks very much for setting up the charter to Portland. The planes were impeccable and the trips were incredibly fast and smooth on the Citation X. wow! Also wondering about another potential charter, please call me.”
    – Teterboro NJ Private Client

    “All was perfect on our end – thanks to YOU!  I have to go by the office today – so i’ll drop this off – for some reason if the payment is delayed……..contact me immediately – thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be contacting you again soon.”
    – Gallery Travel, Los Angeles CA

    “Thank you for working with us on setting up our charter flight to Glendale.  Everything worked out great, especially the score of the game since we are Gators.  You were very accommodating and fantastic to work with. Thank you again.”
    – Las Vegas NV Private Client

    “The flight was wonderful, as always! We sure liked Lyndon and all the pilots so far. The whole organization is top notch!”
    – Santa Barbara CA Private Client

    “A great 4-day trip, please pass my thank you to all the crew members. A job well done.”
    – Motown Travel Service

    “I really want to thank you for all of your help. It really means a lot to me all the effort you made, thank you.”
    – Conner L., Colorado Private Client

    “I would like to take this moment to thank you for the professional job you and your staff did on handling this problem flight. Everything was great from flight personnel to car service. Looking forward to the return flight. New Flight should be thankful they have someone like you representing them.”
    – Sal M., Corp. President.

    “Thank you, you were all terrific to work with. They guys haven’t stopped talking about thier trip since they returned. I appreciate the perfect servcie you provided us.”
    – Judy, Vermont Private Client

    “Hi Nanette – thanks for all your help – the pilots were great and the ride worked out wonderful. We will keep you in mind in the future.”
    – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

    “As I mentioned on teh phone I am certainly very appreciative of your very prompt resonse on a Sunday afternoon. The service I’ve received from all my dealings with Jet Charter Colorado mean your company continues to be my first choice when I do.”
    – J.Hodge, iPhone Development

    “I am so impresses with your follow up. I greatly appreciate you making sure his travel arrangments went smoothly. It has given me great peace of mind to know he arrived safely and on time. I look forward to working with you again I will definitely spread the word about your company and impeccable service.”
    N.Weinberg, McIntyre Group

    “Thank you for the wonderful experience that all eight of us experienced with the plane selection and especially both pilots. The plane had everything we needed and then some. Very comfortable and the interior seemed brand new. I would like to thank you once again for all of your help and patience booking this flight. If you need any recommendations don’t hesitate to call me. …we will definitely use your services again.”
    – J.Stutts

    “Thank you for making it so easy for our client and my boss to get to Daytona from Myrtle Beach- also thank you for making my job so much easier! They arrived safe and sound this morning, and the car was waiting for them. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”
    – E. Johnson

    “Sorry I was traveling for the last month I didn’t have much time for myself, I just wanted to thank you for such a good servcie and an amazing organization. I will definitely call you next time I come to the US.”
    – E. de Waldner

    “Hello. Thank you very much for all of your time and help. The trip home was excellent and we greatly enjoyed the pilots…they did a fantastic job! Will most definitely use you again!”
    – D. Miller

    “You do a great job and we are very appreciative of it.”
    – L. Witzer

    “Nanette- flight was great, incredible plane! Thanks for all of your help in getting us out here. You are terrific.”
    – M. Spain

    “Our flight out was perfect. Loved the crew and the plane. Can you check prices for flying us back with them or anyone else? Can leave either Saturday, Sunday or Monday.”
    – S. Spector

    “Well, as I said earlier, you guys did it again! Thanks so much. “Thanks” to the crew for me. I know I follow up a lot but ‘service’ is what she requires. Talk to you soon.”
    – Washington DC travel agent

    “Thank you for all of your help setting up our flight last week. Your knowledge, experience, and efficiency were clear from our first contact. The very nature of emergency response doesn’t allow for advance scheduling and may require that we travel to a number of different locations quickly. Knowing that Jet Charter Colorado is available to us around the clock provides a refreshing sense of security. Again, thank you.”
    – President, Disaster Management International

    “I need to thank you for being accessible, period. You really catered to the needs of the company as ever changing the decisions as can be. You made my life a lot easier today than you realize. You ROCK! I know we will be in touch again, but until then take care.”
    – Alberta C., Boston MA

    “I want you to know what a pleasure it was working with you on this very special project. Thank you for everything you did. Really hope to be able to work with you again sometime. Have a GREAT day!!”
    -Mark B., coordinator of Haiti evacuation representative

    “I cant begin to thank you enough for your help. Again, I truly appreciate your efforts in our last minute time of need. Be sure that I will call on you again and certainly recommend your company to other travel agencies and companies with whom we do business. Your service has been tremendous.”
    – Lisa F., Raleigh NC

    “Everything went great for our trip. Thank you for setting it up for me!!”
    – Jon K., Austin TX

    “Thanks Michelle – I appreciated your timliness and quick responses. You helped make (the owner’s replacement aircraft and flight) seamless for the owner.”
    – Private Jet Management Company

    “Just wanted to let you know, Mr. Colin was thrilled with everything. I let him know that you were also professional, courteous and made this 2-hour notice flight simple as a taxi ride. Feel free to forward to your superior!”
    – T. Worldwide Inc.

    “Thank you, you were all terrific to work with. The guys haven’t stopped talking about their trip since they returned. I appreciate the perfect servcie you provided us.”

    “Passengers were very happy, plane very, very nice, the crew was great, flight attendant “Kim” very nice, friendly. She asked how far it can go, 8 hours, may use it in Jan for Anquilla vacation trip, I will be in touch!”
    – Mary, East Coast Travel Agent

    “Your service to us at a difficult time went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. You are a true professional in every sense of the word and your organization is to be commended for realizing, not only your value and the exemplary service you provide, but also the support you offer. Your levels of care and compassion far exceed what is commonplace in today’s business world.”
    – George W.

    “Although tired it’s nice to be home and back to work today. We would again like to thank you for helping throughout the night with getting us the flight out of St. Lucia. Please let both pilots know that we were completely satisfied with the level of service they provided, both were very professional and personable.”
    – Joe and Kathy S.

    “Thank you for all your help arranging our family’s trip to Daytona Beach.  The flights both ways were smooth and comfortable and the crew was friendly and professional. Graduation went well and the weather stayed cold, but clear, so we were able to come home last night without any problems.  I will definitely be contacting you about quotes for any upcoming travels.  Your personal touch made the whole experience less confusing and more enjoyable.”
    – J.Duff

    “Nanette, just wanted you to know that the charter flight came off very well. The snow was pounding when we departed yesterday morning. AA had an inbound 757 slip off the Colorado runway mid-day, the airport reopened late in the day, and we came back in unaffected about 6:00pm! It worked out just like you thought it would — thanks again.”
    – J.Nokes

    “The guys lvoed the flight and everything went off smoothly. Thanks for all your help and we’ll be contacting you again if we evern need another…I’m afraid they’re hooked so it might be sooner than later ;)”
    – B.Baird

    “Thank you again for all your help on my “virgin voyage” of charter plane booking.  Jesse … was very impressed with your availability and genuine concern. I made it clear to him that you held my hand and brought small details to my attention that I would have never thought of as this is new to me. With that being said, I hope you work on comission! I have 6-8 trips that I need to book in April alone.  I will send you a detailed email later today with specifics.”
    – Tonya M.

    “Nanette, Thanks – as always – for the special attention you give. My sincere appreciation!
    – Jim C.

    “It was Great working with Michelle Murphy!!! She is always there…and the aircraft people especially the last pilots, Joseph and Amanda were fab. Great people make a great company. Thank You.”
    – Deb Z.

    “Thanks for all the work and help. I have your contact info and stories of my great experiences working with New Flight to some family members. Hopefully they’ll shoot you an email next time they need something. Truly the best service!”
    – Christopher S.

    “Michelle-thanks for your fantastic triage early this am (especially early for you)…smooth flight, great crew, excellent equipment. Looking forward to booking our next trip! best, Penelope.”
    – Penelope D.

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